Predict Future Value from Day one

Get accurate customer insights early in the customer journey.

Optimize marketing budgets in real-time, drive more predictable repeat revenue, and elevate brand equity with the most accurate customer metrics available.

Align customer acquisition around CLV with improved targeting, ad relevance, conversion rates & customer loyalty.

AI-Driven customer data  platform that accelerates insights into real-time action.

Free Guide on how to use your customer data to increase your Customer Lifetime value.

  • Locate necessary data
  • Forecast every existing customer’s behavior
  • Train the model
  • Validate the model
  • Improve retention to drive growth from existing customers





iOS 15 and its Implications for Marketers

Apple’s iOS 15 officially rolled out on September 20, making its several data and privacy updates a reality for marketers. 

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Craft a Personalized Customer Journey 

Using first party and third party data [Report] Offering a personalized customer experience in the retail...

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Case Study


Optimize Facebook Campaigns in Real Time with CLV

Madison Reed ran a case study to show the effective use of customer lifetime value for campaign measurement .

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